Thursday, November 01, 2007

Check out our Down Load a Day kit for Nov.

Hi all check out this great DAD kit for the month of Nov it is so great a big kit with a free piece each day for the whole month! These are just some of our elements. If you would like to see the whole preview click here. How great is that! Come on over to Divine the whole Month of Nov and pick up the pieces to this great kit. While you are there come on over and ask me and the other featured designers some questions and get to know us better.

In the month of Nov it is also Digital scrapbook day on Nov 3rd which also happens to be my Birthday. So for My birthday and Digital scrapbook day and my b-day I want to share a cupone with everyone. It is good for 50 % off any purchase and it is good for the entire weekend. The code for the cupone is shan_bday just type it in at check out to get 50% off. My store.

Also next weekend is the Grab bag sale Nov 9, 10 and 11th. Details will be here soon on that.
So It has been a little while since I bloged I was so busy with the dad kit this month and keeping up with the kid. Luckily Soccer has ended with a bang for now. They ended their season on Sunday with a record of 11 games won and 1 loss. Nathan was so excited as were all the other boys. They played 2 game this weekend and won them both to be the first place team. It was a tough 2 games Sunday went into overtime and was won 2-3 it was a nail biter lol. But a really great game. Jacob has been busy with scouts and we have had a ton of other things going. Garrett is just Busy allllllll the time (he wares me out! ) And my little Ellie is finally starting to be a little walker. She is now 13 months and so cute! She is walking more and more each day. My b-day is Nov 3rd and my sister is the 2end so I get to go out to lunch with my mom and sister. Then maybe my family will take me to dinner over the weekend. (maybe lol)