Friday, December 28, 2007

Winter freebie part 3

So everyone at my house got sick. That's 7 people (my sister lives with us) plus my parents and aunt and uncle. I have not talked to my in laws and dh's aunt but my guess is they had it to. On Sunday my Oldest and DH were both sick and the in laws were on their way. I tried to tell them to maybe wait but they wanted to come anyway. They were warned anyway! What a nasty little tummy bug that was! I got it to but not as bad as everyone else thank goodness anyway! I am glad I was not sicker. Maybe my reward for taking care of everyone else who was sick lol.

Well I have a big announcement. I have joined Digiscrap Shak as a designer. So I now have 3 places you can find my designs. Divine, Digiscrap Warehouse (only commercial use items) and Digiscrap Shak. So I am excited to Work on getting my thing in the new places and already have a few things listed. I will be doing some cool work here soon with my new Christmas present. My parents got me the Bamboo fun (med sized too!) for Christmas. Have not gotten to even sit and play with it yet but I will be and I am sure I will let you all have a few freebies with my creations! :)

The last part of the winter kit is right here. Hope you all liked it. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ok here it is

Sorry for the delay. Part 2 of the Winter kit freebie is right here. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas next week. I will be back same time Next week to post part 3.

Here is a little preview of the kit my friend Terrell and I did that is Now at Divine Digital called Cozy Christmas. It is a huge kit and a lot of the papers and elements that could be used for any time during the winter. I also have a little bit of good news. You can now find my Commercial use designs here at DigiScrap Warehouse.

Sorry I am late.

I owe you all part 2 of my winter kit. I have not had a chance to load it up. I have had 2 sick kids. I was planning on doing it Monday night and Ellie got sick and was sick most of the night every 20 min till 4:30 am. (no fun with a 1 yr old) Then she was still not feeling well and only wanting mommy all day Tuesday and most of the day today. Now Garrett has been throwing up since about 6:30. So as soon as I can I will get it loaded up for you all and get it posted. Hopefully tomorrow. I have a dentist appt. in the morning rescheduled from Tuesday. I just hope nobody else gets sick between now and Christmas. Well Sunday, my in laws are coming on Sunday. Oh no Gotta go!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Bad bad blogger lol.

I have been so busy the last month and the time has just flown by I did not even notice how long it had been since I blogged. Our down load a day kit turned out great and I hope everyone enjoyed it. I have a whole new collection in my store. It is called the Be Thankful collection and you can buy the whole thing or if you just like the pieces it is also available that way.

I also have some new commercial use items. Texture brush set, Flower Fix Brush set2 and Ribbons and strings. Plus today is the last day of my grab bag. It has 4 all new commercial use goodies and I have gotten lots of good feedback on them so grab it while you can.

Are you ready for Christmas or maybe you celebrate an different holiday. Anyway are you all ready? I am not ready lol. 4 kids.... nope not ready. I will not be ready till the last min but we have done lots of shopping so that's good really only a few more thing to get. Although I have not gotten any of the big people done. (oh crap!) This week I am making cookies with my mom aunt and sister here at my house. That should be fun and messy lol. My husband volunteered us to do Christmas here at our house with my in laws but forgot to tell me. Luckily my MIL told me so I still have time to get ready for that.

OK so it has been awhile since I had a freebie and this one is 3 parts so you have to come back each week to collect all 3 parts. It is called Winter and you can find part 1 right here. Part 2 will be up next week. So everyone have a great week and come back for part2.