Monday, February 26, 2007

Its Monday again!

Nothing exciting going on here today. Jacob was sick again this weekend his fever went up to 105.3. That boy gets really high fevers! Must just be the way he is! The other 2 don't ever get ones that high. Don't know about Ellie yet guess we will see as she gets older.

Scrapping news. I am now hosting the spotlight scrap at Rak each month. It is basically a scraplift challenge with a little twist. You have to scraplift from the person who was in the spotlight for the month in the newsletter. Plus you can ask that person any questions you want to know about them. Pretty fun! So that will be running until March 12 and start new again on the 19th. Over at DSC new challenges will get started tomorrow lots of good one to choose from! Hope to see you all joining in!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hi everyone.

Wow I am so busy today. Having a chat today at 4:00 pm est and I didn't have everything I want to get done finished. So I have been playing catch up all day long. I think I am almost caught up now lol. So anyway if you think you can make it to the chat I have a great little freebie I'm giving out. It is called butterfly. Come on over to DSC and join in the fun. Tried out a new way to do my preview. I just am not a creative preview maker. Maybe I need to find someone to do it for me. LOL. Hope to see you all there!

Also I have my elements pack freebie ready for everyone. So here is that little goody for everyone. Leave me a little love if you snag it.

So I can actually see my grass now. We are melting finally I am so glad. Although it is going to be quite soppy for awhile I believe. That I don't enjoy either cause the kids like to go out then they end up big mud balls and come back in the house and track up everything making more things for me to clean. So Since it is going to be spring soon and the rain will be coming I'm sure it will just be the start of all the mud. Maybe if we had better grass it would help. I will get right on that in between making my kits which is what I do in my free time (yeah right). Sounds like a good job for my hubby! HA HA!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

So it is snowing again.

Wow who knew that after starting off with such a mild winter that late Jan and Feb would be so cold and wet. Either snowing, raining or ice. The good news is they say it will be warming up by mid week. So maybe some of this stuff will melt off and I will actually see our yard. I have forgotten what the grass looks like lol. I am so happy my hubby has taken my 2 older boys to stay with his mom until Monday a nice little break for me. The are getting board at home stuck inside. They will have fun hanging out with grandma and grandpa! So I will just have to figure out what to do with the 2 little ones and that's easy so I am set for the next 2 days!

Not much scrapping news going on as of now. Still giving away our mega kit at DSC and we are on links 7-8 so 2 more to go. All of the new challenges are up. Still working an my kit and it is coming along very nicely it has 11 papers and will have 20 elements. So together with Ronda and Laura it will be a giant kit! Only a few more elements and my part is done. I wish I had more time in the day! Oh and don't forget to grab that freebie while you are here. Next week I will post some elements to match it! :)

Hope everyone is having a great weekend I need to go get up my lil Ellie who has woken up from her nap.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A little freebie for you.

Happy Valentines day! Maybe giving away a little spring paper pack will help me forget it is cold outside. Not likely but worth a shot lol. We had a massive ice storm yesterday and it is crazy cold today! Our power was out last night for about an hour and a half I am just glad it didn't stay off longer quit a few are still without power in the tristate. Now they are saying we are going to be getting some good winds coming through. Hopefully that doesn't mean trees coming down with them being coated in a thick layer of ice.

Dont forget to go check out the great challenges and mega kit over at Digiscrap Central. Also some good challenges going on still for Rak week!
Now lets get to that freebie. Will be working on the elements to match for the next freebie!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Happy Monday!

Well RAK week is under way. Lots of great prizes and challenges this week. Don't want to miss out on all the give aways! Also Dsc has started its mega kit. It is a great kit 10 pieces all together. I think it is huge when you get them all wow! Pop on over and pick up all of the pieces.

I cant believe we are going to get a bunch of snow and ice again tonight. If we do then the boys will be off again tomorrow. It was so warm for such a long time now it has been freezing and we keeping getting snow on top of the old snow that isn't melting. So I cant wait to see what it does tonight !!!! I am not a big snow lover so I am really done with it. I don't mind it for a few days then it can go away lol.

Ok off to go work on my Kit for my 1 year anniversary at DSC! Ronda, Laura and I are working on a big old Happy 1 yr kit. Cant wait to see it all together!

Friday, February 09, 2007

My Tutorial is done.

Go check out my tutorial blog. I'm excited to get it finished. Woo! Hoo!!!!!!! It took me awhile to get it up but I am glad it is finished. I hope it is helpful to some people.

News about my Grandma.She passed away overnight on Wed so she is now moved on to a more peaceful place. I am sad to see her go but know she will be better where she is going.

Scrapping news. I would like to say I have added another person to my creative team. Thanks for joining me Terrell. You can find Terrell's blog at my friends blogs. Go check out all of her great work. Also next week at Rak scraps it is rak week come on over and join in my oddball elements challenge and also my posting challenge. Lots of other great prizes and challenges the whole week Don't miss all of the fun! Over at Digiscrap central we will be giving out our beautiful mega kit. I cant wait for all of the pieces they are great. It is called forever. Check out the preview and come on over and get it.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Wow its cold.

It is going to make it up to whopping 12 degrees today. It is mighty chilly! Shoo Maybe it is making up for being so warm for so long this winter. It is the wind that really gets you though Burr!

Scraping news : I am just about done with my little tutorial. It is really for people who are just learning their program. Or maybe those who have had it for awhile but don't know about how everything works. I will be showing you where and how to use a script. So stay tuned. Also I would like to say welcome to Wendy Aka campinbuff as part of my creative team. Still looking for a few more people so let me know if you would be interested.

Hope to get it a lot done this week. It will all depend on how my grandma does. She is in hospice now and we don't think it will be to much longer for her to be with us. Although her mind has been gone for a long while. Now it is time for her body to follow. I am sad but it is for the best and I am glad she doesn't know she is going.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Think I am done.

Maybe! With my redecorating that is. Maybe need to tweak a few more lil things we will see but for the most part I think it is finished. Let me know what you think. Nothing fancy but better than the dots I had before. Need to get a new pic of myself to put up. But since having the baby dont like any of the ones that I have had taken lol. Although I am almost back down to normal only 8 more lbs to go. (woo hoo) So I should be able to get an ok pic if I can find someone to take it other than my 3yr old. He is not the greatest shot lol. Last time he wanted to take one of me it was very crooked.

Dont forget to stop into DSC and check out all of our new challenges. We have 5 going and some great prizes for joining in.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ok Im under construction.

Trying to give my blog a new look. Keep your eye out for the fresh new look. I am also working on my PSP Scripting tutorial so stop back and check things out. I got my first lo done of my monthly book of Ellie so I will share with you all. Something cute to look at while I finish up the rest of my construction.