Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The new kitty's

Well I though I would put up a pic of our little kitty who didn't make it. He was really cute. I still feel really bad about it. We only had him about 10 days but he was a sweetie. We had not named him yet. He had made himself right at home.

So we got the 2 kitty's last week after little cutie didn't make it the kids were really upset. We are trying to name them. The little orange one we are calling snuggle because he looks like the snuggle bear. So I thought I would be clever and call the stripped one bounce lol but the kids don't like it. He may be called that anyway. I think its cute. they just think I'm silly. So here is a picture or them and my 2 oldest boys Nathan and Jacob. They are cute also, the little orange one snuggle is very shy. He is coming around though.

Scrapping news for the week. I am working on finishing up my August grab bag for Divine Digital. It is going to be Designer tools. So 3 all new designer tools in the bag for only $2.00. The sale will be this weekend on Friday, Sat and Sunday. Aug 3, 4 and 5th. What a deal to get 3 all new commercial use products for $2.oo cant beat that. I will come post the preview when I get it made up! I am sure I will have a freebie by the end of the week also.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Happy Wednesday

Freebie Freebie
Here is the last and final part to the confetti birthday. You can dl it here.

So we had found a kitten and he was so cute and adorable. We had decided to keep him he was about 9 wks old. Well he had an ear infection so the vet wanted to keep him and put him out to clean up his ears cause he was so sensitive. Well he die not make it. :( The kids were very upset my oldest took it very hard. Today I took him to the shelter and we picked out a new kitty only we came home with 2. Our old kitty dies in Oct so we haven't had a kitty for a while I was not ready when he first died since Ellie was just a little baby it would be to much. When the little guy showed up I figured ok its been long enough we will keep him. I feel really bad he was so sweet. I hope these 2 guys turn out to be sweeties as well. One is 14 wks the other is 12 wks and they are both boys. Right now they are hiding the little fuzzy buff will not come out I hope he comes out soon he is hiding so well I'm not sure where he went. The other striped fluffy is hiding but he is a little more nosy he is at least coming out now and then to sniff around. I am a big sucker should have sent my dh lol.

If you havent already joined us this week at Divine Digital come on over for some fun celebrating Christmas in july it is great all kinds of freebies and challenges. Loads of fun! :)

I have some new things in my stores. At Hods I have both these items How does your garden grow and the Textured overlays, and at my DD store I will have the Texture Overlays. You can see the previews right above here.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hi everyone.

Wow it has been a busy week. My oldest was off at Scout camp all week. He just came home today. My 9 and 3 yr old have been at my MIL's for the past few days. And my DH whet to help out with the Scout camp for a few of the days. So I had some quiet time with just Ellie and I. It was very nice to only have one little person and myself to take care of. It was like a mini vacation lol.

I did a lot of work while they were gone. I made 3 new things that I will be putting in my scrap shops. They are very cool texture overlay packs. I am so excited they come out very cool when they are used. I use textures a lot myself. But this time I have packed them up and am putting them out for everyone. They will be for anyone to use. Just need to make up some previews and I will be all set. My first grab from Divine Digital is over and my goodies are in the store. My second one however will be up till Sunday so one more day on that one. Here is what was in the one from DD.

Here is part 2 of the confetti birthday kit. Hope everyone liked the first part. Part 4 also has 4 papers and 4 elements. Next week look for part 3. DL part 2 here. The preview for this kit is in the post right before if you need to see it.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dont forget to grab a bag or two!

Well Hope everyone here in the states had a fab holiday. We went to My in laws house for a cookout and then watched some of the fireworks in the distance. Nobody wanted to go fight traffic so we saw them through the trees lol. The were still decent but not exactly the same.

So I am still sitting here waiting for my darned computer to get here. It says in route. Great for how long lol. I thought it would show up today because the hub it came to is only about 20 min from us so if it were on the truck it should have showed up or you would think so anyway. Oh well one more day I guess. Or at least it better come tomorrow or then it will not be here till Monday! Nooooo I can't wait that long lol.

Freebie Part 1
Ok so here is a little freebie for everyone! It is going to be 3 parts so come back and get the other 2 in the next few wks. It is called Confetti Birthday. 4 papers and 4 elements for part 1. You can get it here. Hope you all enjoy it.

Also a big reminder of my 2 grab bag sales. You can check them out in both my stores. These are 2 totally different bags both are filled with good stuff.
Grab bag sale at Divine Digital This bag will go on salt starting 12:00 am EST Friday the 6Th and run through 12 am on Sunday the 8Th. Don't miss this great bag. Really cute stuff inside.
My grab bag sale at HODS begins on Friday the 6Th as well but will be up until Sunday the 15Th. Also some super cute thing you don't want to miss out on.
Both these bags will be up for a limited at the special $2.00 price. After that they will be in the store as individual item at regular price. Woo Hoo don't miss it at the special price its a great deal!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow what a fast summer so far.

Wow this summer is flying by! I cant believe that it is already July. I am sure everyone is just as busy. They say time flys when having fun and my mom would say time goes faster as you get older. I never believed her when she would say that when I was a kid but boy I do now! Ellie had her 9 month check up today. She is a tiny lil peanut compared to my giant boys. They were always so tall in the 90-100+ % for height and pretty good sized weight wise too. She is only 17 lbs and 27 1/2 inch's. She is a little above average for her height but only 25% for her weight. She eats a ton so I guess it is just because she is so busy all the time.

Scrapping news:
Woo I am so excited I just checked and my computer has finally been shipped. I cant believe it is on its way. I cant wait to get it up and running. I am so psyched.
Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am almost done with my second grab bag for HODS. It is coming together very nicely. We will also be having a store bag. it is going to be very cool all of us contributed something to it. Both of those bags will only be 2$ each. My bag at Divine Digital is all finished and loaded and ready to go on Friday it is also 2$.

On another scrapping note I have some ct members who have been doing
some great lo's for me. Thanks Girls. I have Terrell, Lynn and Tracy who are full time girls for me and I have 3 girls who are my Guests for the months of June and July. Sarah, Kerry, and Gerri. I have a few links on the left to a few of the girls great blogs with some of their cool lo's.