Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is up with this.

I am really getting upset with 4shared which is where all my freebies are and a few other files I need to share with people. Well every time I get that maleware pop up thing and it goes to try to scan my computer. Not making me happy. So I guess from now on or till they can fix it I will be putting anything new somewhere else. I don't think that is good business on their part at all. People will stop using them.

Its raining here well a little anyway we are in serious need. Down about 13 inches so far this summer. It is so dry and I am thinking will will not catch up anytime soon. Tomorrow my baby will be 1 I cant believe how time goes so fast. Seem like she just came yesterday. Boo Hoo. She is getting so big. She took 3 steps the other day but is nowhere near walking. Thought for sure she would be by now she stood at 7 months but she is very cautious and not going to do it. She will be my slowest to be a walker lol. That's ok I'm really in no hurry it will come soon enough! Then they never stop. Thats her with her new (first pair) shoes and she really likes them. I may have a show lover on my hands! LOL

Nothing much going on scrapbook wise this week. Divine Digital is working on a makeover which is looking very nice. I am working on my some new brushes that will come out soon and my Oct Grab bag which is Halloween related but I am trying to make it so it can be used for other things fallish. That is for the 5,6,7 of Oct.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

So what was in my bag

Well all kinds of goodies. I had 4 products in there that were well worth their $2. Or I think so anyway lol.

So if you missed the bag you can now pick up the separate pieces at both of my stores.
Wow Divine Digital had a few hiccups the past few weeks our store went wonky the weekend of the GB sale and it was a bad server so the girls got it all switched over the whole store then the forums and Gallery. It is all working and back up and faster and working great. Woo Hoo!

Ok so My hubby got a job. Second shift (boo) making me full time mommy of 4. He will not even see my older 2 who are in school which stinks. He will be working 6 days a week sometimes 7 (boo) Yesterday he worked 14 hrs holey cow. I really wanted him to get work but I didn't want him to need to set up a cot at the place and never see us. So I am a little bummed about the whole thing. Plus for now he is a contractor for 90 day so no benefits. But as a temp he is hourly plus over time so at least he is getting paid for what he is working. If they hire him he would then be salary which better be darn good for working like that or they can just forget it I say. That's just crazy hours Wouldn't you be better off paying another person regular price to work and not pay over time? I don't understand why places want to work you to death. What good is that really, talk about burnout really fast!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's Thursday

Well happy Thursday Here I am with some fun stuff. Cant wait to tell everyone about the goodies. But I will get to that in a min. Our kitty's went to get neutered last night and I am happy to report they both made it through. And are doing great we get to pick them up tomorrow. I am sure they will be so happy to see us. I am betting they were thinking we were dumping them off since they were shelter kitty's. They are big love bugs so we will be happy to get them back.
Tonight is open house at Nathans school. I don't like open house. Don't get me wrong I like to go meet the teacher and things but the schools parking is a nightmare oh my goodness. Nothing like trying to park 500 cars in a place that fits 100. People on streets in the grass it is a mess all for a 5 min hello to the teacher. I like to help out at the school 1 day every other week which I didn't get last year since Ellie came in late Sept. So I will get to sign up for that. I just don't enjoy all the traffic.
Scrapping News.

Ok on to the fun stuff. This weekend is the Grab bag sale at Divine Digital. $2.00 for a huge scrapping basics bag. 182 mb of lots of good stuff. Even if you got the bag and only use one set of items in there (there are 4 different things) You are still getting your moneys worth since they will all be selling for more than $2 each after the bag. There are both personal and commercial use items in there. Plus the sale is going on through the weekend.

Alright then on to the Freebie I talked about. This is a surprise freebie and you can find it right here. I really hope you enjoy it. If you do I am very sure you would also love my grab bag. Off to work on my new brushes hope you all have a great weekend.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Hope you all had a great day.

Happy Labor day. Hope everyone has had a great holiday. It was not a bad day for me. My DH and I went to a Cincinnati Reds game. It was really hot today but our seats were in the shade so that helped. This is the first time we have been out alone since Ellie was born and she is 11 months. So it was nice to be out without any kids.

It has been a few wks since I have blogged. I have been busy with getting the kids ready and back in school.(Woo Hoo) They went back last week on Monday but on Wed because of the heat they got out 2 hrs early. They don't have air in most of the schools here and it hit 97 that day so I think it was good. Plus the buses are no air. We have a very large school district. 8 elementary 2 middle and 2 high schools. Only a few of the newer buildings have air. Plus the scary and sad part is the week before school started a child (2 yrs) was left (forgotten) in the car by her mother and died at the high school. I don't know how something like that happens it is so sad. I just don't know if I could forget my kids. Anyway this week on Wed again it is going to be close to 100 again. It is just crazy only 4 days below 90 in August very hot for us.

Scrapping news. Well no freebie today but I promise a surprise freebie starting on Thurs that goes with my grab bag that will be out on Fri, Sat, and Sun. If you like my Surprise freebie you will be sure to love my grab bag. It really is a great deal for only $2.00 even some commercial use stuff in it. Now while I was off getting my kiddos ready for school and not blogging. I was also working. I made a kit, a grab bag with 4 great items in it, and I made these cool leaves-n-things elements for any kid of use. Ok so let me share what I made (but not the grab bag goodies) and don't forget to check back on Thursday for that Freebie. Plus I have everything marked down in My Divine Digital store and I am going to keep it that way for the rest of the week.