Friday, June 29, 2007

Still waiting.

Ugggg I am still waiting for my new computer it has been over 2 wks and now it is estimated to ship on the 7Th. That's over 3 weeks. I mean really how long does it take to slap together a computer and ship it. I am so ready to have my own space back. This laptop is nice but I have to plug in the external hard drive to load all my kits and work on stuff. So plug and unplug and move here and there. Oh well hopeful soon it will get here.

I cant believe it is going to be July in a few days. This summer is going by so fast. My baby is growing up so fast to! She was just 9 months. This is such a cute age they do so many things that are so cute. She is starting to do the mamamam bababa and she has been waving. Oh and the cutiest thing she does is she will stick her little arms up to get one of us or her brothers to pick her up. I love babies lol. I am really enjoying her since she will be my last baby.

My scrapping news for the week. Next week I will have 2 grab bags yes count them 2. One at Divine Digital it is a summer spectacular theme and one at HODS with a garden theme. Each one will have different thing in them. All new thing worth over $10 each for only $2.00 each. What a great deal. I will have some more info about them in a few days. They will both start on Friday the 6Th.

I am also working on getting together your next freebie so that should go up the start of next week! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Frost Freebie

Here is the freebie I promised. It is called Frost. Hope you all enjoy it! You can dl it right here. Hope all the fathers out there are having a great Fathers Day!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Well alot has happened since I last posted.

First of all I lost my computer RIP :(:(:( My hard drive crashed on a week ago on Thursday and it is dead. So I guess that storm did the hole thing in not just my ethernet. So I have a new computer ordered but it is going to be a few wks.

My home for the last year and 1/2 Digi scrap Central has closed down. (Very sad) I do still have some stuff there in the scrap shop that will stay up until the end of June. It is all on sale at 40 % off. However on a happier note I have been accepted to design at HODS (hooked on digi scrap) I have a few things up there already and will be working on some others in the next week.

I am also working on a grab bag for my Divine Digital store. It will be out the first weekend in July. So Like I said alot going on! It has been a crazy week. I will be working on getting up a new freebie for everyone as soon as I can get it up off of my back up external Hard drive.

Monday, June 04, 2007

What was in the bag???

Thought maybe you all would like to see the goodies that were in my grab bag. The will be in my shop sometime today or tomorrow. I am having some Internet problems right at the moment! WE think the lightning fried (yes we finally got some rain!) the port that you connect the either net cable into is dead. So I am moving kind of slow cause everything I need to use is on that computer. So hopeful it will not be long. I hope we can get it fixed without paying a lot of $$$$. Shooooo it is a never ending cycle isn't it! Anyway on to that grab bag!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Here is the Freebie

It is called down by the sea. It can be found right here. I know a few have this kit because they got it for a prize. It is so nice and summery I thought everyone else might enjoy having it as well. Great for beach lo's.

Don't miss the Grab bag sale. Over 82. MB for only $2.00. What a great deal. 3 all new never seen goodies in my bag. Go get Shannon's Grab bag today after the sale they will be put in as 3 things so don't miss this deal while you can get it. June 1, 2 & 3rd.
So it is still hot hot hot here going to be 88 today and yet again no rain expected. My oldest got his braces off the other day he looks very nice. I will have to see if I can get a pic of him up. He also got an award at school for keeping all A/B's this whole year. He is in 6Th grade. Luckily it comes very easily for him I am very grateful for that! Also very proud of him. Hope you all enjoy your weekend and your freebie!