Friday, February 02, 2007

Think I am done.

Maybe! With my redecorating that is. Maybe need to tweak a few more lil things we will see but for the most part I think it is finished. Let me know what you think. Nothing fancy but better than the dots I had before. Need to get a new pic of myself to put up. But since having the baby dont like any of the ones that I have had taken lol. Although I am almost back down to normal only 8 more lbs to go. (woo hoo) So I should be able to get an ok pic if I can find someone to take it other than my 3yr old. He is not the greatest shot lol. Last time he wanted to take one of me it was very crooked.

Dont forget to stop into DSC and check out all of our new challenges. We have 5 going and some great prizes for joining in.

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Terrell said...

Pssstttt ..... you made 3 posts in one week!! Heee heee