Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The new kitty's

Well I though I would put up a pic of our little kitty who didn't make it. He was really cute. I still feel really bad about it. We only had him about 10 days but he was a sweetie. We had not named him yet. He had made himself right at home.

So we got the 2 kitty's last week after little cutie didn't make it the kids were really upset. We are trying to name them. The little orange one we are calling snuggle because he looks like the snuggle bear. So I thought I would be clever and call the stripped one bounce lol but the kids don't like it. He may be called that anyway. I think its cute. they just think I'm silly. So here is a picture or them and my 2 oldest boys Nathan and Jacob. They are cute also, the little orange one snuggle is very shy. He is coming around though.

Scrapping news for the week. I am working on finishing up my August grab bag for Divine Digital. It is going to be Designer tools. So 3 all new designer tools in the bag for only $2.00. The sale will be this weekend on Friday, Sat and Sunday. Aug 3, 4 and 5th. What a deal to get 3 all new commercial use products for $2.oo cant beat that. I will come post the preview when I get it made up! I am sure I will have a freebie by the end of the week also.

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Terrell said...

Awww such cuties, the kittes too LOL. Great pics! Can't wait to see what your grab bag has! Will they be for PSP or PS or everyone? LOL.