Monday, August 13, 2007

Having a big sale!

My little Garrett is sick today I guess he has a little tummy bug. My DH took all 3 boys out last night to watch the meteor shower at my moms house cause they live out in the country where it is darker and not a lot of trees in the way. Well about 1 min from my moms house he got sick. (sure it couldn't wait to get out of the car lol) So he only had a few more tummy problems overnight and today but he is laying around and sleeping so I know he doesn't feel well. I'm just hoping that nobody else gets it! That kind of stuff is just no fun.

Sale on all personal and commercial use items. Don't miss this great deal.
15% off everything in my store plus the extra coupon for an additional 32% off making it 47% off all my goodies. Coupon code 4SHODS07 at checkout.
HODS. Now through Aug 31st.

Also I Have this cute back to school kit I did as a part of the Mega kit for DSC when it was still here last fall. I know a few people most likely have it but it is cute and it is back to school time so I though I would put it up as a freebie. Hope you all enjoy it! :) You can get it here.


Terrell said...

Awesome Sale! Love your commercial use items and what an adorable FREEBIE!! Woohoo thanks a bunch!

Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much!!!!!!!!

Miss j said...

thanks bunches

*sarahm172* said...

Hello Shan

great Sale. i take the Flyer with me and post it on my Blog.
The Freebie is wonderful. Great job.
Good Luck with your Sale

Terrell said...

Time to post again lol. Just dropping by to say Hi!

Sheila said...

I'm trying to download several of your freebies ... I like them SOOOO much! ... but I am getting messages from 4shared "server downloading session limit is reached. Please try again in a few minutes" ... I've been trying all afternoon. :-(

Shannon said...

First thank you I am glad you like my things! :) Humm thats weird. I dont know. I tried a few and some seem to be working. Maybe it is just a glitch with 4shared. It has not been dl'ed as many as some of the other kits yet. I will check it again tommrow and see if it is back up. I may have to reload it or something. Shannon

Shannon said...

Ok seems to be working again! :)