Monday, October 08, 2007

So I had all kind of goodies in my bag.

So much stuff It will take up a lot of room to share it all. It was a fun bag to make and if you missed it and would like to pick up any of these goodies they will be loaded up at My Divine Digital store in the next few days. Ok so I had some really fun paper and frames.

There were 2 sets of glitter on for just Halloween and one for fall. Which would match the Glitter paper and frames.

Than can you believe it still more. a brush set of fall leaves and a set of Ribbon rounds. So much stuff for such a little price!

So thats it everything that was in the bag. Shoo lots of goodies. If you like grab bags or want to try one we have one once a month.
Oh I think I forgot to say that I will only be selling now at my Divine Digital store because HODS has closed and for now I am sticking with one place. After 2 closing so close together think I will just stick to my one bigger store.
We celebrate Ellie's b-day yesterday (her grandparrents were out of town on her b-day) She was so cute eating her cake and making such a mess. Had it all over her face and hands but she was munching down. Still no walking just a step or 3 here and there thats all she takes. Three seems to be the number. I will be having a freebie a little later in the week so keep an eye out. Have a great week.

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*sarahm172* said...

wonderful stuff. i love glitter and the bows and all the stuff