Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob!

My oldest son Turned 13 yesterday. An official teen and He is lucky to have made it through the day. Sometimes he and his brother just clash so much and I think they want to just do one another in right there. I really hope they out grow that. It makes me crazy. Not sure why they cant just get along or at least try to. But anyway 13 and so smart and growing up so quick. Makes me feel old to think he only has 5 years and he will be out of High School. Oh and only 2 more wks of school left I may not make it through the summer lol.

So On to some scrapping news. I want to let you all see what was in my Divine Grab bag from May. Also I am almost done with some acrylic scripts for psp. There are 3 of them Almost Clear, Totally Clear, and A Touch of Color. They will be sold as a 3 pack. I am just reworking them to fit psp8-9 so as soon as I am done with that I will get them put up.

Here is what was in the bag.


*sarahm172* said...

happy birthday to your son Shannon. I hope he had a nice day.

Great Stuff was in your bag

Terrell said...

OK TAG you're it! Go to my blog and follow the rules lol. Nah, you don't have enough to do! ROFLMBO