Friday, January 26, 2007

Got a sick one.

My oldest is sick. I thought he had strep (he still may ) but the rapid test was -. He sure seems like he has all the symptoms though. He had a 104.3 temp last night!!!!!!!!! Yuck. Sick to his tummy sore throat. The hole 9 yards. I am fully expecting a call to say he did have it. So anyway I cant go out and do the thing I need to get done because for the 3rd day I have him home. Wed they were all here due to snow/half day. Then yesterday he and hid daddy were home today he is here again but I cant go out with him with a temp. So stuck in again. Poor guy he was going camping with scouts but not anymore! Hope he gets better and we dont get sick (mostly the baby!!!!) I would like to coat him in Lysol lol.

We are working on rak week over at Rak scraps lots of fun challenges and giveaways going on. 11-18 of Feb. I am actually donating some 5$ free coupons for my kits. Its great to be able to do that. 1 of the challenges I will be dong is an oddball element challenge sound like lots of fun! We still have some fun challenges going on over a DSC running until Monday! Scraplift, color, sketch, and a gallery posting challenge. Also Terrell has a family pride challenge going on. Oh and you can still catch our New Beginnings mega kit until the end of the month.Working on a new freebie hopefuly I will get it up next week. Some cute little doodles!


Sara E said... sorry to hear about your little one...never fun, especially with other kiddos & babies in the house

the RAKs deal sounds'll have to remind us when it gets closer

Juzahlyn said...

hope your oldest gets better soon

Lena Brandenburg said...

I'll pray for your little's no fun having a sick wee one, even if it is your oldest!