Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ha #4 in the same week on a roll!

Ok so today was going to be a 1/2 day for my boys at school but then it snowed like 1 in and they called it off lol. So come to find out at somewhere between when my 3yr old got up and 9:00 he went outside all by himself to play in the snow in his p-js no coat or anything. Great! My 11 yr old and 8 yr old me and my sister all home and he goes out and nobody even notices. (could be because we were asleep!) I sware that one day I will be one of those people on the news you see where they find the kid wondering down the street at 4 am. He scares me to death cant keep him in the darned house, Crazy boy! So anyway luckly he dident freeze to death! Fun way to start off my day lol.

So I am thinking of doing some basic things for psp to tell people about different things they can use in their program. Since I found out alot of people dont know basic thing like scripting and such that maybe I would feature 1 every few months on my blog. I think it is nice to share your knowledge. I love using alot of my features and hate for people to not even know they are there! So that is on my agenda for next month. I will do one on scripting I guess and go from there. I think it will be fun.


Maggie said...

I use psp 10-11 as well.

Metalmama said...

Checking out the blog roll... love the idea you have regarding I believe tutorials. I am a PSP gal myself :O)