Monday, July 02, 2007

Wow what a fast summer so far.

Wow this summer is flying by! I cant believe that it is already July. I am sure everyone is just as busy. They say time flys when having fun and my mom would say time goes faster as you get older. I never believed her when she would say that when I was a kid but boy I do now! Ellie had her 9 month check up today. She is a tiny lil peanut compared to my giant boys. They were always so tall in the 90-100+ % for height and pretty good sized weight wise too. She is only 17 lbs and 27 1/2 inch's. She is a little above average for her height but only 25% for her weight. She eats a ton so I guess it is just because she is so busy all the time.

Scrapping news:
Woo I am so excited I just checked and my computer has finally been shipped. I cant believe it is on its way. I cant wait to get it up and running. I am so psyched.
Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am almost done with my second grab bag for HODS. It is coming together very nicely. We will also be having a store bag. it is going to be very cool all of us contributed something to it. Both of those bags will only be 2$ each. My bag at Divine Digital is all finished and loaded and ready to go on Friday it is also 2$.

On another scrapping note I have some ct members who have been doing
some great lo's for me. Thanks Girls. I have Terrell, Lynn and Tracy who are full time girls for me and I have 3 girls who are my Guests for the months of June and July. Sarah, Kerry, and Gerri. I have a few links on the left to a few of the girls great blogs with some of their cool lo's.


Terrell said...

Yeah you posted!! LOL Yeah I'm sick but I still have to tease you lol. Can't wait to see the goodies in the bags ;)

Tracy said...

Woo hoo,bet you've already worked out exactly where your new computer is going to sit and it's just waiting for the arrival. Like the arrival of a new baby, the nursery's ready. LOL!I hope it isn't coming from very far away, I don't think you could stand the waiting Shannon! LOL!
cool Grab bags too!:)

*sarahm172* said...

i love grabbags. this a cool surprise if i see than what is in.
i am glad to be in your guest ct. yopu a lovely wonderful person.
hugs sarah

galtscrapper said...

My youngest daughter (of 4 girls) is 9 months too, she was born Sept 21st of 06. I know what you mean about it being the last baby :( but any more kids would just put me in the crazy house, lol. My oldest is 12, then 7, 4, and the 9 month old. I married into the two older two, so it can be an interesting challenge at times.