Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dont forget to grab a bag or two!

Well Hope everyone here in the states had a fab holiday. We went to My in laws house for a cookout and then watched some of the fireworks in the distance. Nobody wanted to go fight traffic so we saw them through the trees lol. The were still decent but not exactly the same.

So I am still sitting here waiting for my darned computer to get here. It says in route. Great for how long lol. I thought it would show up today because the hub it came to is only about 20 min from us so if it were on the truck it should have showed up or you would think so anyway. Oh well one more day I guess. Or at least it better come tomorrow or then it will not be here till Monday! Nooooo I can't wait that long lol.

Freebie Part 1
Ok so here is a little freebie for everyone! It is going to be 3 parts so come back and get the other 2 in the next few wks. It is called Confetti Birthday. 4 papers and 4 elements for part 1. You can get it here. Hope you all enjoy it.

Also a big reminder of my 2 grab bag sales. You can check them out in both my stores. These are 2 totally different bags both are filled with good stuff.
Grab bag sale at Divine Digital This bag will go on salt starting 12:00 am EST Friday the 6Th and run through 12 am on Sunday the 8Th. Don't miss this great bag. Really cute stuff inside.
My grab bag sale at HODS begins on Friday the 6Th as well but will be up until Sunday the 15Th. Also some super cute thing you don't want to miss out on.
Both these bags will be up for a limited at the special $2.00 price. After that they will be in the store as individual item at regular price. Woo Hoo don't miss it at the special price its a great deal!


Maria said...

Thank you for the lovely freebie! Your post has been added to the list of freebies at

PSharp said...

Wonderful Birthday kit. Thank you for sharing.

Deborah said...

What a great bunch of papers - I love the colors! Thanks so much for sharing!