Thursday, September 20, 2007

So what was in my bag

Well all kinds of goodies. I had 4 products in there that were well worth their $2. Or I think so anyway lol.

So if you missed the bag you can now pick up the separate pieces at both of my stores.
Wow Divine Digital had a few hiccups the past few weeks our store went wonky the weekend of the GB sale and it was a bad server so the girls got it all switched over the whole store then the forums and Gallery. It is all working and back up and faster and working great. Woo Hoo!

Ok so My hubby got a job. Second shift (boo) making me full time mommy of 4. He will not even see my older 2 who are in school which stinks. He will be working 6 days a week sometimes 7 (boo) Yesterday he worked 14 hrs holey cow. I really wanted him to get work but I didn't want him to need to set up a cot at the place and never see us. So I am a little bummed about the whole thing. Plus for now he is a contractor for 90 day so no benefits. But as a temp he is hourly plus over time so at least he is getting paid for what he is working. If they hire him he would then be salary which better be darn good for working like that or they can just forget it I say. That's just crazy hours Wouldn't you be better off paying another person regular price to work and not pay over time? I don't understand why places want to work you to death. What good is that really, talk about burnout really fast!

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