Wednesday, September 26, 2007

What is up with this.

I am really getting upset with 4shared which is where all my freebies are and a few other files I need to share with people. Well every time I get that maleware pop up thing and it goes to try to scan my computer. Not making me happy. So I guess from now on or till they can fix it I will be putting anything new somewhere else. I don't think that is good business on their part at all. People will stop using them.

Its raining here well a little anyway we are in serious need. Down about 13 inches so far this summer. It is so dry and I am thinking will will not catch up anytime soon. Tomorrow my baby will be 1 I cant believe how time goes so fast. Seem like she just came yesterday. Boo Hoo. She is getting so big. She took 3 steps the other day but is nowhere near walking. Thought for sure she would be by now she stood at 7 months but she is very cautious and not going to do it. She will be my slowest to be a walker lol. That's ok I'm really in no hurry it will come soon enough! Then they never stop. Thats her with her new (first pair) shoes and she really likes them. I may have a show lover on my hands! LOL

Nothing much going on scrapbook wise this week. Divine Digital is working on a makeover which is looking very nice. I am working on my some new brushes that will come out soon and my Oct Grab bag which is Halloween related but I am trying to make it so it can be used for other things fallish. That is for the 5,6,7 of Oct.


makeyesup said...

I'm as disgusted as you with the Malware popup. It not only takes over, it is almost impossible to stop it and get where you want to be. Just to let you know that it is not just 4 Share, I've experienced it at a couple of other areas too.

Doreen said...

Ugh with Malware too, but on another subject. That little baby is as cute as ever, Shan. I'm loving watching her grow.