Monday, February 05, 2007

Wow its cold.

It is going to make it up to whopping 12 degrees today. It is mighty chilly! Shoo Maybe it is making up for being so warm for so long this winter. It is the wind that really gets you though Burr!

Scraping news : I am just about done with my little tutorial. It is really for people who are just learning their program. Or maybe those who have had it for awhile but don't know about how everything works. I will be showing you where and how to use a script. So stay tuned. Also I would like to say welcome to Wendy Aka campinbuff as part of my creative team. Still looking for a few more people so let me know if you would be interested.

Hope to get it a lot done this week. It will all depend on how my grandma does. She is in hospice now and we don't think it will be to much longer for her to be with us. Although her mind has been gone for a long while. Now it is time for her body to follow. I am sad but it is for the best and I am glad she doesn't know she is going.


Anonymous said...

hope it doesnt stay cold for a long time for you! ;-D

Martha said...

I'm there with you on the cold, I think we made it up to 9 today:)

So sorry about your's still hard.

Terrell said...

Hmmmm I have to read about this on your blog? (Insert raised eye emoticon here)

Wendy said...

thanks Shannon, I look forward to be a part of your Creative Team